This is a continuation of a series of posts highlighting some of our favourite products for your new puppy. These are all things and Gatsby and I have tried and loved. We love products that are as natural as possible, and made by reputable companies. Most of these items can be purchased at your local pet store, our favourites are Tisol and VanPet, although some of our toys and bedding were found at PetSmart (mainly due to my Martha Stewart obsession).

1. Kong AirDog Tennis Balls with Squeaker – A perfect toy for introducing your pup to the game of Fetch. I love that these affordable little balls come in various sizes, as full size tennis balls can be a bit much for Gatsby to fetch. They also have a surprisingly nice sounding squeaker and come in packages of three.

2. Kong Rubber Classic Toy – Absolutely indispensable. Gatsby loves his Kong toys, which stand up to tons of chewing. I like to fill them with things like pumpkin and banana, and then freeze them for a long lasting treat!

3. Kong Quest Star Pod – Another wonderful rubber toy from Kong. This toy is slightly less indestructible than the Kong Classic, but still a favourite of Gatsby’s. We’ve gone through several over the past year.

4. Chuckit! Pro Launcher – Now that Gatsby loves to fetch, our Chuckit! is in constant use. It really helps those balls go flying, up to 3 times farther than I’d be able to throw them without it.

5. LED SpotLit Dog Collar Light – It’s not exactly a toy, but I certainly feel better taking Gatsby out for some evening exercise when he has one of these handsome LED lights clipped onto his collar. Visibility is important, especially for darker-furred dogs!

6. Martha Stewart Pets Raccoon Dog Toy – Martha Stewart makes some of the best dog toys around. They’re pleasant to look at, and sturdy! Gatsby particularly loves the stuffed animals with squeakers.


This post was first published on April 296th, 2015.